Academic Program

Designed to motivate and challenge all students, the academic program at Badr Integrated Schools is driven by equity and the highest possible learning expectations for our dear students. Our proficiency-based learning and graduation policies ensure that all students leave as highly literate and skilled graduates. All students are required to demonstrate proficiency consistently applied and assessed learning standards, which are documented using digital portfolios that students maintain as evidence of their learning progress and achievements. All learning experiences are academically rigorous and intended to prepare students for success in school, career, and citizenship.

Highlights of the Academic Program ­

  • Project-based learning is embedded throughout the curriculum, and most courses engage students in long-term investigative projects, which often address local issues affecting the community. ­
  • Pupils spent three years in the nursery and take in-depth Arabic language, Qur’an and Islamic Studies. ­
  • Students take in-depth conventional subjects like English language, mathematics, science, and social studies all throughout the six years of primary school.
  • Standardized and unique Islamic Program is specially designed for BIS pupils. These are dedicated best books that are designed for non-native speakers of Arabic language.
  • Online courses and extra curricula activities are available which reflect academic standards as high as that of regular courses.