Primary :

The primary section which is considered the corner stone of the basic education stage, where kids spent up to six years of their educational journey that is drawing their perspective about education and building the base of their character
We emphasis on the teacher training and development through different training channels according to the training need analysis and the targeted goals
We focus much on the educational process and cover all areas that affect the educational process such as but not limited to:

    • Teaching Aids
    • Educational technology
    • Primary section management style
    • Policies and procedures
    • Curriculum and Assessment
    • Introduction to the curriculum
    • Exploration of content
    • School planning for the subject
    • Classroom planning for the subject
    • Approaches and methodologies
    • Student Learning and Teaching
    • Students level classified by subjects and skills
    • Students’ support
    • Features of good practice
    • Examples from practice
    • Reflections on teaching and learning
    • Attitude and behavior of students
    • Participation and Achievement
    • Students activities
    • PE Activities
    • Art Design activities
    • Camping and excursions activities
    • School home relationship
    • School essential learning standard