Nursery Program:

The first level of schooling

  • The nursery is the first level in the schooling system, and is for children under the age of compulsory school attendance, i.e. under the age of 6
  • Parents bear primary responsibility for the raising of their children, while the nursery is an additional developmental tool.

Application and admission

  • Parents apply for nursery placements for their children. Nursery program is operated by our school as private entity, with a service agreement with the ministry of education.
  • Nursery – Program placement applications are made via our websites service or in the admission office in the school premises.
  • Parents need to pay a certain fee for the nursery-program application and placement of their children.
  • Students are entitled to various discounts on nursery-Program fees, like sibling discounts. Information on discounts for particular groups may be provided.
  • The advisory and psychological assistance services are responsible for providing special services to nursery students in the school. School refers cases to the service with the approval of parents, and parents may, moreover, apply directly for assistance.
  • Generally, children attend nursery school from the age of 2½ years until they go to primary school. The children stay for eight hours, Monday to Friday, in the nursery program.