Our Curriculums

We operate a comprehensive and balanced integrated curriculum involving the new revised Nigerian Curriculum with the right blend of globally competitive Arabic and Islamic content. We will also inculcate best foreign curriculum to make our students globally competitive among their peers.

Qur’an and Arabic

We place special emphasis on Qur’an memorization which has been one of the bedrock of our curriculum from inception of the school. It is our major goal that our pupils complete the memorization of the glorious Qur’an before the completion of their basic education.

At BIS, we are committed to actualizing this lofty objective under the guidance of our qualified teachers. However, the ability and endowment of individual pupils/students will play an important role in realizing this target.

Arabic is another integral part of our curriculum considering the fact that it is the language of Qur’an and its knowledge is central to the understanding of the religion. Through the preparation and implementation of a robust curriculum, our pupils can communicate fluently and write in Arabic. Appropriate and standard instructional and text resources are available for effective delivery of the subject.

Our Integrated Module

We are committed to raising standards of achievement and ensuring a culture of high expectations and success for every pupil. This success comes not only in the form of academic achievement but development of character as guided by the teachings of the Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies, that will affect in building a Muslim character.

We offer a broad and balanced holistic curriculum that integrates Islamic perspectives throughout all academic subject areas with a focus on the Qur’an, Arabic, Islamic Studies and character development. Our curriculum places an emphasis on personalized learning. Here, pupils of all ages are challenged to do their personal best and they are also guided to become independent creative learners.