Admission and Enrollment


Parents must complete either the school online application or a hard copy that can be obtained in the student affairs department. A non-refundable amount is required as advance administration fee in order for the application to be considered. A list of supporting documents should be included upon submitting the application.


Once we receiver the completed application Interviews or assessments will scheduled. Completion of assessment does not guarantee a place at BIS. Admission will be offered only if the applicant succeeds in the assessment exercise and if there is vacancy.

Primary School

For entry into Early Years, the pupil will be assessed by a member of the Early Years Team. all pupils upon application will be required to complete an entrance assessment in selected subjects, the pupil will work independently but under proper supervision.


Following the successful completion of the assessment and confirmation of the student’s adaptability, the student will be formally offered admission.

Parents/Guardians are required to sign an acceptance form and expected to fulfill their financial obligation to the school seven (7) working days after the admission was offered. Failure to do so will lead to withdrawal of the student.

NOTE: The school is under no obligation to refund fees paid to her in the case of withdrawal or defiling the admission.

Orientation Day

We hold orientation sessions for new students at the beginning of the school year.

The schedule for the orientation will be duly communicated to those concern. EY1 and EY2 children will have a special orientation schedule where parents and children will spend time with the new teacher and a small number of other new parents and children.